Of course that is a no brainer. Your body goes through so much. Have you ever really thought how tough it is?

There was a study done at Duke University and they have actually discovered that having a baby is as tough as running a marathon. Not just one marathon. We are talking about a daily marathon. Wow.

Yes, your body is working that hard. It needs a ton of calories. Almost like you were an endurance athlete. That is one reason we find ourselves craving crazy stuff. It's our bodies way of saying "feed me".

Not only that but pregnancy also tends to max out our body's energy. They even think that if it was any tougher on our bodies then it wouldn't be physically possible.

I get it. When we are pregnant there are changes all over. Those changes make us crazy hungry but also dang tired. That is just a regular pregnancy. We are not talking about any with complications.

So this just makes me think that dads you need to make sure you take special care of that mom in your life. They are going through, or went through a lot during those 9 months.

Let's just hope they didn't go over much more than those 9 months of hard work. This all on top of working and caring for the home in the process. Whew this is why I am still tired after the child I gave birth too over 22 years ago. All those marathons are finally catching up with me.


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