Moving my child from Amarillo to Dallas last weekend really did kill me. Now I know I raised her to the best of my ability.

The ability to leave her behind is not the easiest in the world to do. I had to face that last Monday.

We got to her apartment early Saturday afternoon after a list of mishaps.We were pretty much hungry and had some time to kill before the mover's got there. We went to Grandy's.....boy do I miss the Grandy's we used to have in Amarillo!

Pretty much this trip was about moving and eating foods we can't get in Amarillo. Of course I had to go to Jack in the Box. Why wouldn't I? I missed out on In N Out Burger but that will be the next trip.

This was more about mom and leaving her baby girl behind! It’s been a real adjustment. Really she has been my life For the past 22 years.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I know She will still be a part. It’s just tough when she is not only 10 minutes away.She is now over 5 hours from my door to hers. It has taken a lot of adjustment.I now go to the grocery store and just buy stuff for me. I don’t look at her list anymore and grab a couple items she may need.

I can’t call and say hey you want to grab dinner? I can’t go to Olive Garden and ask to sit in her station.I know this move is great for her. I know getting out and starting her career is the best thing she can do.

It just doesn’t make it any easier for this mom. Have you had any similar experiences? Tell me about how it was to let your children go? Comment below.



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