As a kid, I couldn't resist the ads in the back of my favorite comic books.  I ordered more x-ray specs, ghost detectors, and other novelty items than a normal human ever should.  So when I saw a Facebook ad for a free brain scan, of course I signed up.  With little to no information, I made an appointment and prepared myself to have my brain waves monitored.

I went to the website and filled out my physiology assessment.  I had to rate the frequency and intensity of things like insomnia, weight loss, menstrual cycles, sexual indifference, and a whole host of other conditions.

The next step was my ISI assessment.  It was worse than the physiology assessment.  Heartburn isn't something I deal with.  Being socially awkward unless I am "entertaining" is something I do deal with.  Having a swimming cap on my head with wires coming out of it doesn't bother me.  Having to answer questions regarding how I feel emotionally does bother me.  This so far is the most uncomfortable part for me.


Next was the CEC assessment.  Two questions in, and I knew this was going to be bad.  Right off the bat it asked me if I have trouble remembering what I had to eat the day before.  Thinking about it, I couldn't remember what I had to eat the day before.  I am horrible at remembering phone numbers, which was the next question.  More and more I'm starting to feel like a headcase.  Fun and games are over.  Now I'm worried.

I go tomorrow to get the results, and have no idea what I'm in for.

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