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Remember when there was only Black Friday? Everything shut down for Thanksgiving, and then the following day everyone lost their minds trying to get a new TV, or a toilet seat (my mom loved it by the way). It was easy to keep up with then. Now we have four days to worry about after Thanksgiving.

First there is Black Friday. This year it looks a lot different than in previous years. One, there will be no lining up at the door, stampeding your way through the aisles to get your kid that thing they'll love for a month and then forget about.

This year, many Black Friday sales have already started and are being spaced out. Check with your big box retailers, if you haven't already noticed all of the signs and displays.

The next day is Small Biz Saturday. I like the idea behind this one. It's all about shopping locally and supporting the small businesses in our community. If you have a favorite store in town, be sure to check their social media pages for special deals.

Even if there aren't any, still stop by and show them some love. It's their big day after all, and this year has been really hard on small businesses.

Then we get a break on Sunday.

Monday is Cyber Monday. If you have yet to make a single purchase online for anything, tangible or digital, you have my respect. Majority of us shop online at least a little bit. This day is when online retailers roll out the savings.

That brings us to Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is all about giving back. This is a day when we are all encouraged to give to our favorite charities.

Just getting through Thanksgiving dinner was enough to leave me exhausted as a kid. Now I've got four more days of fun to look forward to.

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