The Texas panhandle is an interesting place to live. Every time you turn around there's something you can only see in this part of the world. Whether it's a roadside attraction or a massive canyon, we've it all and everything in between. One thing that keeps popping up is massive religious monuments. Everything is bigger in Texas, indeed.

The Massive Crosses Of The Texas Panhandle

Anyone who has traveled along I-40 in the Texas panhandle has seen our most famous cross. The cross at Groom, Texas is massive and is part of an entire roadside attraction/park/museum/place of worship. It, however, is not the only big cross in this neck of the woods. I was surprised to discover another one just south of Amarillo.

Happy, "The Happiest Place In Texas", has its very own big cross. It's just off of I-27 near Happy, and it's honestly pretty hard to miss.


Which Highway Is More Holy; I-40 or I-27?

I think it's a fun question to ask considering the number of holy landmarks we have in the Texas panhandle. I think I'm going to have to give the edge to I-27. Not only do they have a big cross, they have a giant Jesus. Sure, Groom has the biggest cross in the neighborhood complete with the statues and the museum, but it's all self-contained. Either way, it's a ridiculous thought exercise and I digress.

Why Does Happy, Texas Have A Cross?

This is always my favorite part of seeing a giant cross. Finding out why the cross was put together is always the most interesting part of the whole experience. The cross in Happy, Texas has its own unique origin story.

Supposedly, the creator of the big cross in Happy got the inspiration while traveling on I-40. He saw the cross in Groom on a foggy morning and had a sudden flash of inspiration. In that moment he knew what he had to do and he wouldn't stop until it was finished.

Today it stands, like the giant cross and giant Jesus, to offer peace and hope to travelers along the panhandle highways.

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