Giving the gift of life is one of the most profound things you can do for another person.  You might not think one pint of blood can make a difference, but it can.  Think about a person receiving blood, they could be someone who was in a car wreck or a 5-year old battling cancer and needing blood transfusions because of chemo. It could be a mother who has just given birth or a baby in the NICU. Each time you give the gift of life you change a complete strangers life. Blood donation is important. Now you can give blood in honor of your favorite school The Coffee Memorial Blood Center's Kids Inc. Donor Days kicks off Monday, January 16th.

Potential Kids Inc Donor Days Design 2017

So what is Kids Inc Donor Days? If you donate blood January 16th - February 28th you can do so in honor of an area school. By donating that pint of blood during Kids Inc. Donor Days you could win money for your or your child’s school. So the challenge for our area students is to give the gift of live if you are eligible (students can give blood starting at the age of 16 with parent permission), teachers, parents, etc.

All eligible donors will receive a Kids Inc Donor Days t-shirt and a coupon for a free shaved ice from Bahama Bucks (while supplies last).

The winning schools will receive some great prizes.

Elementary School

1st Place is $1000

$1000 in Dugger Dollars for any Kids Inc Youth Sports

2nd – 4th place will receive $500 in Dugger Dollars

Middle School

1st Place- $1500

Small High School/Private School

1st Place – $1500

Large High School

1st Place – $2000

So stop by the Coffee Memorial Blood Center during Kids Inc. Donor Days or your school’s blood drive and give the gift of life.  Don’t forget to tell them what school you are supporting so they get the credit.

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