There have been more than enough shortages during this pandemic, we've dealt with toilet paper, laundry soap, coins and there's one in the works is coming with booze which could be catastrophic when football season is in full swing. This next shortage might be coming just in time for Thanksgiving here in the Panhandle

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It's no secret that supply disruptions are the name of the game this year. Experts are now sounding the alarm bell for turkeys. While turkeys themselves don't get the 'rona, the folks who work in all the operations that get us turkeys do, chalk that up with a bigger demand since more folks are travelling this year for the holidays and meeting up with family and friends they wern't able to last year, and you get the perfect storm for a shortage.

Size Matters

turkey platter

This is one of those shortages where size makes a difference. Most of the producers out there are reporting no issues with the larger turkeys that are over 16 pounds. If you have ever cooked one before you know that bigger birds take longer to defrost and cook which makes them less desirable. Most folks opt for smaller birds which is what producers have had a hard time keeping up with.

The Year Of Leftovers...

Homemade Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich with Turkey Cranberries and Stuffing

A few grocery chains have already come out and mentioned they have only been able to order half of the usual stock and they expect the shortage to potentially impact Christmas too. If you happen to go forward with the bigger bird it looks like turkey sandwiches and all the leftovers might just stretch a little longer this year.

How about an alternative. I say we ditch the bird and go full on Texan with a nice slice of brisket? Maybe some good ribs? Sure it's not too traditional, but hey why not?

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