We are back from work from all the holiday's. Maybe you were lucky and got to take some much needed vacation. Here we are though, in January and back to work.

You probably look at your check or online to see how much vacation and/or sick time you have so far in 2019. Oh and maybe you are already making plans for it.

Are you guilty of taking sick days? I mean when you are not sick? Just taking one because you have them and you just want the day off?

If you have done just that....you are not alone. January actually is the most popular month to call in sick when you really feel OK to go.

There are a lot of reasons. Especially since we are getting back in the swing of things after the holiday's. So it really does make sense that leaving the house is a bit harder to do right now.

About 31% of people admitted that they have called in sick just because. Oh and it had nothing to do with actually being sick. See if you have called in sick because of any of these top reasons.

Maybe you have called in sick to avoid a specific work event. Have you done this? To avoid a meeting, a presentation or just a luncheon? If so about 80% who have faked a sick day have done this at least once a year. About 74% feel guilty about this but 26% feel no guilt at all!

Other reasons to call in "fake" sick include hanging out with friends, having some errands you need to run, spending time with family, to avoid traveling to work in bad weather. The number one reason is to just rest and relax!

Have you done this? Which reason have you justified calling in "fake" sick for? Comment below! Let's make it through January and move on to February. We are so close!

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