So I am the first to say I have not gone to get my flu shot yet. I mean my work even pays for it. So why haven't I? Why haven't you?

Here are some excuses people give. Oh and the reason why they are not legit.

I get it....some people say they don't like needles. OK that may be valid but you do know that they have a nasal-spray form now too....right?

Some people say that they don't have time to go to the doctor. The problem here is that you can run to Walgreens, CVS or even Walmart and walk right in and get your shot. So that is not a good excuse either.

Here is the one that I hear a lot, oh and I think I am guilty of it. People who say they got the shot before and it gave them the flu. That doesn't really happen. You don't get the flu but you could get mild side effects for a day or two.

People think that it might not actually work. Oh and that one may be true even though it is still not a great excuse. Scientists have to try to predict which strains will be going around. They can't include them all. It's a guessing game. They do a great job but can't win them all.

The deal is that though they may guess wrong a lot of the strains are similar. So your shot will lessen the symptoms. So that means that you won't be sick for as long as you would without it.

So go ahead and get your shot (or nasal spray) it will be better for you in the long run.

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