The Northside Toy Drive has been a great way to help the kids of Amarillo have a great Christmas. There are some times that the kiddos really need us to step up and not forget about them. Christmas is a big time of year.
The Northside Toy Drive started as a small group of people who got together to help these children out. It just continued to grow from there. For the past several years they have had a Black Tie event to collect even more toys to give to all of these deserving children.
Of course this year Covid has cancelled many events. One of them, of course, included the Northside Black Tie event. We couldn't let that put an end to this great cause. They just had to go another route.
They decided a Toyathon was the way to go. It’s easy and a great way to provide Christmas for many. They couldn't let these kids down at the most important time of the year now could they? No way. Especially since now the Northside Toy Drive is providing thousands of presents to area kids each year. Here is how you can help.
All you have to do is bring an unwrapped new toy to the Firstbank Southwest starting this week. The Toyathon will be running every day this week from 4pm - 8pm. Just bring by your toy to the Firstbank Southwest at 2401 S Georgia.
This is a great time to teach your own children the importance of giving. Let them help pick out the presents and let them come with to drop them off. This is a great way to teach them and maybe start a new family tradition.
credit: Northside Toy Drive Facebook page
credit: Northside Toy Drive Facebook page
For more information or if you want to donate money click HERE

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