I don't know about you, but every where I turn, someone has the flu, or someone has strep.  It is everywhere, I mean everywhere!.   Sickness left and right.  So how can you stay well when everyone else is sick.

Ill woman at home
Piotr Marcinski

When I heard the first "so and so has the flu," I went into action.  I prepared for the sick battle.   Then it happened, the chills, the fever, but luckily I didn't get sick, I was having an allergic reaction to another medicine I was on but that's another story for another day.   So how do you keep well when everyone around you is sick?

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    At even the slightest cough, icky, feeling or hearing the word flu.  Start taking Emergen-C.  I swear by this.  When I start feeling off, I'll take 3-4 of these spread out over the day.  It's 1000mg of vitamin C and some other minerals and vitamins.  It keeps the sick monsters at bay.

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    Wash Your Hands

    Wash your hands a lot.  You touch doors, and handles, and phones, and other icky things.  Just wash your hands every chance you get.

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    Wipe Everything Down

    Stock up on Clorox wipes or something similar and wipe everything down daily. At work, at home, in your car.  Wipe everything down to keep the germs off.  Then wipe it down again just to be safe.

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    Eat healthy

    The healthier you eat, the better you will feel.  The more healthy food you eat, the more germ fighting things you put in your body.  Trust me, eating healthy helps keep you well.

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    If You're Sick Stay At Home

    Be nice, if you are sick and are running fever.  Stay at home, if you're at home you can't spread germs at work.

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