UGG Boots are cute and stylish.  I'll be honest I don't have a pair.  I know they are hugely popular but I found out they can be very germy.  So if you own a pair of UGG's you might want to keep reading.

--According to a podiatrist in New York, UGG boots and other boots that are made with real sheepskin can be breeding grounds for harmful bacteria . . . which can lead to fungus, food odor, and inflammation.

--If you don't want to stop wearing your real sheepskin boots, to keep yourself safe you should always wear socks . . . let your boots dry for 24 hours if they get wet . . . and make sure to clean them regularly, inside and out.

know most people who pay that much for a pair of shoes take outstanding care of them, but this is even more reason to keep your UGGs clean!