A third infant has tested positive for the Cronobacter bacteria that resulted in the death of a Missouri newborn. The death spurred the removal of the formula from stores.

Mead Johnson Nutrition Co. (MJN), the world's leading producer and seller of baby formula is stating that their tests show that there was no contamination in the formula used by the Missouri baby who died.

Walmart Inc. has stated that they will wait for clearance from the government before they put that brand of formula on their shelves again. Regulators are testing the powdered products involved in each of these cases.

The Cronobacter bacteria “can be found in a lot of different places,” said Braden, who heads the Division of Foodborne, Waterborne and Environmental Diseases. “Even if these infants were on powdered infant formula, and even the same powdered infant formula, we still don’t know yet if that’s the source of their infections.”

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