I was shopping for Christmas presents over a month ago. I was on vacation so having a glass or two of wine before hand was warranted. I hate to shop.

For whatever as I was walking up and down the aisles of Drug Emporium this product caught my attention.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I knew that our weight loss challenge at work would be starting soon. I also knew that I needed a little help to kick start me on my way to my goals. I have never tried a cleanse. I was always curious about them.

Could I go five days without food? Could I work while going through this? Would I have the energy? Would I be in the bathroom the whole time? Would I be cranky without food?

I got on Amazon and read A LOT of the reviews. I wanted to know what I was in for. Should I be scared?

I decided to start the process the weekend of MLK Day. That way I would have 3 days that I would spend the majority of the time at home. I kicked it off on that Saturday. The only thing I had to do was work the Bulls game.

I was able work; I had the energy. I was pleasantly surprised. The only problems I had was the desire to chew something and all the Facebook posts I saw about food. I combated that by chewing gum....and scrolling fast past all the food pictures and videos. It worked....so day one was pretty nice.

I got to Sunday and I was home all day. The only bad part was I was invited out for brunch...so I couldn't go. I spent almost $40 on this cleanse. I wasn't going to waste the effort I put in already.

Here fast came Monday. I did warn most of my co-workers that I might be a bit on the cranky side. That did not happen on Monday. I only had to work on Mix 94.1, I was off at the bank. I felt the rest of the day would be good before heading back to both jobs on Tuesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both days I had to work all day. I was worried that it would be just a nightmare. It really wasn't. My only complaint was when I got on the scale! If I eat a piece of cake I gain 4 pounds. Here I am not eating for (at this point) 4 days and not one pound down! I felt defeated.

Until I got on the scale on Wednesday and now the pounds are coming off! Yay! Down 4 pounds now. I read that the weight loss will still be happening in the days to come. I mean this cleanse is retraining my body. I shouldn't be hungry. I should easily be able to make better choices. Oh and my metabolism has had a jump start. I am on my way!

This cleanse involves NO food. A lot of pills: colon clear, fiber cleanse, liver cleanse, craveless, and super nutrition.

Basically I have pills in the morning, afternoon and evening. I have to also mix the fiber cleanse with juice or water. I opted for the juice. I got both cranberry juice and the spicy V8. I found I was a huge fan of the V8.

The craveless pills is what kept me from being hungry. It really did work. I have not really been hungry at all. It was just getting used to not going through my routine of making breakfast, lunch and dinner. It sure saved me time throughout the day.

For my first cleanse it really wasn't bad. I didn't spend a lot of time in the bathroom which is what I was afraid of. I didn't starve or get sick or cranky. I did actually see my mood improve.

Will I do another cleanse? I just might!


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