Yes, we know it's summertime. Summer brings warmer temps to the Panhandle area.

We're used to the days of the thermometer hitting 100, or getting extremely close to it.

However, today is one of those random anomaly days...and everyone is freaking out a bit about it.

So in case you haven't heard, we're looking at hitting roughly 108 degrees outside today. Yeah, it's going to be THAT hot. So what's the response to it?

The City of Amarillo has decided to start shutting things down.

Parks & Recreation has flat out canceled Starlight Theatre at Sam Houston Park and the Outdoor Recreation Programs for the AAA Club at Glenwood, Memorial, Sam Houston, and Cityview.

It doesn't stop there though. The Amarillo National Tennis Center and Amarillo Zoo will be shutting their doors at noon before it gets too hot outside. So if you were planning on knocking some little green balls around or seeing the animals, better get a move on.

With the extreme heat, I don't think this is a terrible idea. Anything that exerts physical activity probably isn't your best move today. I mean, I had a couple of private baseball tryouts scheduled for today for my son's team. I've moved those to Wednesday.

Other things to remember when it's this hot outside. If you MUST be outside, stay hydrated. The risk of heat stroke is very real today, and staying hydrated will reduce that risk.

If you have pets, please only let them outdoors when they need to "use the facilities", then get them back inside as soon as possible.

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