It's a running joke with me about how often I get called for jury duty. It's at least once a year. Well, that is except for that year of reprieve due to Covid. I was never called in 2020 but I was back in the pool last year in 2021.

So when I received my jury pre-qualification survey I knew my days were numbered. I went online on the Monday after I received the survey. Then just a couple of days later I received my summons. The postmark? The exact same day I went online and filled out the pre-qualification. They didn't wait at all.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Now I am not one that complains about jury duty much. I know living in Potter County they will get me every year.

When Was the Last Time I Got Potter County Jury Duty?

My last time in the Potter County Courthouse was in May of 2021. I almost made it all of 2022 without a summons. But we all know that almost doesn't count.

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So here I am with my official summons in hand. Of course, I will wait until the night before to see if the jury makes it for the following day. I know that the earlier in the week that you are scheduled the better your chances of having to go.

I have a Wednesday summons. So, who knows? I may make that phone call and be safe until next year. If I have to go in. I'll be there waiting. I know that my record is that I have served on three juries over the years.

In two of the three juries, I also served as foreman. The other jurors find out I am in radio and they think I am the perfect one to do the talking. The third trial I talked myself on the jury. So I was just an alternate. I wanted on that trial because it was a murder trial and I knew I would be fascinated by the whole thing.

So when the judge asked where I worked and I mentioned the radio station he reminded me that I couldn't talk about the trial. My response? Put me on the jury and I won't.

Victory for me.

So like I said I don't usually complain about jury duty. It's just the having to go. They wait forever to see if there will be a trial. Waiting to see if anyone pleads out. Once all of that is done and we get on a jury it is fascinating to me.

Let's see how jury duty goes for me this year. I am scheduled in a few weeks. To be continued.....

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