Driving all around Amarillo I have been watching the progress of the QuikTrips in our area. Both locations I40 & Eastern and I27 & Bell have been looking like they were getting close to opening. I just wasn't sure when.

That was until a press release was issued today letting us know that the one at I40 and Eastern is officially open. I mean that is great news. I love that Amarillo is finally getting a variety of places that we can stop at and get our fill of gas, drinks, and snacks.

I was first introduced to QuikTrip in Dallas. There is one right by my daughter's apartment. The ease of getting in and out makes it my favorite place to stop while I am there. Oh, and their variety of drinks. They have fountain drinks, frozen drinks, coffee, tea, and any drink you could possibly imagine in a bottle or can.

I am a tea drinker so that is my go-to. My drives home from Dallas I need a big drink and their extra large is perfect. I mean it lasts me for most of my drive home. That is a win.

Melissa Bartlett
Melissa Bartlett

If you go in hungry you will also leave happy. They have plenty of hot food to grab. If you want a sandwich they have you covered. If you just want a snack there is plenty to choose from.

One of the two QuickTrips is finally open. They are still working on the second one. I was told that they are shooting for that one to be open in March. Boy, Amarillo has changed over the year and we have plenty of places to stop when we need pretty much anything.

Here is to more variety in Amarillo.

QuikTrip on Eastern in Amarillo is Open

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM

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