On December 2nd a dynamic collaboration between two local fashion brands, Momentum of Roses and Improper Tear has set up a Renaissance-themed fashion show at the Stoex Design Gallery. Unlike many fashion shows that Amarillo has had in the past, this one is exclusively run by local businesses and patrons.

The doors to this show open at 6 PM and attendees are encouraged to immerse themselves in a pre-show event filled with food trucks, refreshing drinks, and the opportunity to mingle with fellow fashion enthusiasts. However, the main event of the evening will be taking place at 7:30 PM. where over 40 talented individuals will showcase and give an experience that spectators have never seen.

Helping The Local Community

What distinguishes this fashion show is not only its aesthetic choices but its contribution to a cause that will help the local community in a variety of ways. The money generated from this show will be dedicated to supporting Texas Panhandle kids thanks to their partnership with The Bridge Children's Advocacy Center, a powerful platform for fostering positive change in the lives of young individuals in the Texas Panhandle facing hardship.

So as the models walk down the runway, covered in Renaissance-inspired designs, spectators can remember that this is more than a simple fashion spectacle, it is a platform to help charities designed to help those in need. It goes to show that there is always an opportunity for us to help out our local community, even through something as seemingly "novel" as a fashion show.

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