I love fresh corn on the cob!  I cannot wait until I can stop at the Farmer's Market and pick up some fresh ears of corn.  They make me happy.  So, let's honor Corn on the Cob Day.

Back in the day...my childhood, my grandparents used to grow their own vegetables and that included corn.  I remember going with my Meme to their enormous garden and picking the corn.  Then I remember taking that corn sitting under the big giant pear tree int their backyard shucking the fresh picked corn.

I always have fond memories of that activity because it was such a pain getting those tiny pieces of silk off the fresh kernels on the ear of corn.  Then occasionally I would run into a slimy slinky worm having lunch.  ICK!

But what came after the shucking and the silking was the best part of the corn.  My grandmother would head into the kitchen start a big ol pot of water and let the corn cook up and we would have it with lunch which usually consisted of a steak, regular or chicken friend, mashed potatoes with gravy and a big piece of corn on the cob.

I always jumped in with my corn on the cob holders shaped like corn and its own special tray.  I would grab the butter and butter up the corn and then dig in.  I ate it row by row on the cob until all that was left was the cob.  YUM!  it makes me hungry just thinking about it.

I always wondered why my Papa always cut his off the cob.  It was a waste of good corn and you never quite got all of it.  But then I realized everyone eats their corn in a different way.

Some off the cob, some on the cob.

That has been years ago since I sat at their dining table enjoying corn on the cob, precious memories now.  However, it is amazing how many products exist to help your corn on the cob eating.