When it comes to living situations many people are living the apartment life.

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Think about it, you pay rent every month, something breaks they come fix it (hopefully), and you don't have to worry about yard work.  That's the great thing about apartment living.  Plus, you don't have to worry about property taxes and all the other fun things about living in or owning a house.

However, when property taxes or other costs go up for owners they will pass that cost on to the tenants.

If you live the apartment life you can expect your rent to go up.  According to Rent.com, rental prices are up 26-31%.

The average rent in Amarillo for a studio apartment is $626, 1 bedroom $924, 2 bedrooms $1,104, and 3 bedrooms $1275.  Studio apartments were the only spaces that haven't seen a rise in prices in a year.  A 2 bedroom apartment prices have increased 31% in the last year.

The most affordable neighborhoods in Amarillo for apartment rental are San Jacinto, Sixth Street district, and Lawrence Park.    According to Rent.com, you can find great deals in Glenwood or Hillside Terrace.

San Jacinto Google Maps
San Jacinto
Google Maps



The most expensive neighborhoods to rent an apartment in are The Colonies, Puckett Place, and Hillside Terrace.   Glenwood is also a premium area to rent.

The Colonies Google Maps
The Colonies
Google Maps


The most popular neighborhoods to rent an apartment in are Lawrence Park, Glenwood, and San Jacinto Heights.  Other popular areas include the Sixth Street District and Puckett Place.

Lawrence Park Amarillo Google Maps
Lawrence Park Amarillo
Google Maps

When searching for an apartment, you have to find something within your budget and in a neighborhood, you'll feel comfortable and safe.   Amarillo is a growing city and has many apartment complexes to choose from for a place to live.   Many older complexes are being remodeled and new complexes are popping up all the time.

Just keep in mind, that prices are up for apartment rentals. If property taxes and other costs continue to increase for property owners, renters will start feeling the crunch as well in their rental prices.

The Eerie Abandoned Puckett Place Apartments of Amarillo

The Puckett Place apartments at 3447 Amherst St. have been a vacant and in disrepair for well over a decade. The building has finally been slated for renovation and at long last, Puckett Place will see a new life.

In the meantime, here's a glimpse at the strange and derelict beauty that is the abandoned Puckett Place.

1510 S. Rusk

This beautiful home in Amarillo is on the market for $2.4 million.

Located in the Bivins neighborhood, this listing from Triangle Realty, LLC is a large home that covers five lots. The main home has 4 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, two kitchens, several living areas, a basement converted into a home theater room, climate-controlled wine room and much more. There is a spacious backyard with a pool and hot tub, along with a gorgeous and well-maintained garden and charming greenhouse.

RARE FIND: The Last Home in a Nice Neighborhood For Sale Under $200k in Amarillo

This is it. I've found it.

This is the only home for sale in Amarillo that's in a safe neighborhood, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and is under $200k (and not a total dump).

This adorable house at 1024 S. Travis is listed with Annie Miller of M Group and is listed at $199k. Check out the official listing for more details.

You'll find it in the historic Bivins neighborhood and it is just darling. Whoever gets to be the lucky buyer: treat it well.

As for the rest of us....well..good luck in the Housing Market Games of 2021.


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