Gamers get a bad wrap. Growing up, I was told my love of games would lead to brain-rot and a serious lack of social skills. That is, thankfully, not the case at all. The gaming community is tight knit. It's a hobby that transcends all barriers. That's what one Oklahoma gamer taught us.

Look at this amazing tribute to an Oklahoma gamer that changed lives.

The Legend Of Forest "Solidus" Sharp

Forest, who went by the gamertag Solidus, was an avid gamer. He believed firmly in the community building aspects of gaming. His legacy is one of building up that community and making it as inclusive as possible.

Unfortunately, Solidus passed away at the age of 28 in 2011. His funeral was attended by hundreds of gamers whose lives had been impacted by him.

According to the description of the uploaded tribute video, Solidus had a major role in fostering the esports and gaming community at OU over a decade before the university ever started doing so.

How Do You Memorialize Someone Like Solidus?

Someone who had as profound an impact on the lives of so many, as Solidus did, deserves a memorial that truly speaks to the legacy they left behind. That is exactly what happened.

So I went to a cemetery today...
by u/togro20 in gaming

This is how you honor the legacy of a gamer. Digging through comments on the Reddit thread regarding the gravestone, I came across someone who did some digging and said they found information that suggested Solidus was an avid Smash Bros. player and his go-to character was Princess Peach.

As tragic as his passing is and was, Solidus and his life serve as a reminder. Find your people; your tribe. When you do, give them all the love you've got.

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