A lot of people look at a Amarillo from the outside, and imagine that there's not a lot going on. We have big steaks, weird car-art, and cowboy hats. They couldn't be more wrong, and this house is a lot like that.

This unassuming Amarillo home is full of big surprises.

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3006 S. Monroe St, Amarillo, Texas

I've seen it described as moody. I've seen it described as "maximalist." However you choose to describe it, you can't deny that this home is a lot more than just what meets the eye.

From the outside, you have what looks like your average everyday home. White brick. Decent yard. A few decorations out there to spruce it up and make it not look so bare.

Then, you go inside.

If You're Looking For A Unique Amarillo Home, You've Found It

For me, the first thing that really stood out was the fireplace. I've seen plenty of fireplaces in my lifetime. I don't remember seeing one quite like this.

Kelsi Swain w/ Fathom Realty
Kelsi Swain w/ Fathom Realty

Here in this unassuming house, is a fireplace that looks like something Wednesday Addams would thoroughly enjoy.

This fireplace is black, from top to bottom. In all honesty, I think it contrasts wonderfully with the white walls. My only complaint is that it isn't bigger, and the way it's situated.

Still, it's awfully unique.

Check Out The Kitchen...

It's a room that contrasts with the darker rooms in the house. The kitchen is white, with green trim and a green wall, with what appears to be some gray thrown in to help ease the transition between the two.

Kelsi Swain w/ Fathom Realty
Kelsi Swain w/ Fathom Realty

Again, it's a balancing act with color that I'm not upset about. Also, I enjoy the tile on the floor. It's unique gives the room some added flair.

The Backyard Is A Playground...

Almost. There's apparently plenty of room for a trampoline and even a playhouse. There's tons of seating space, as well.

If you like entertaining guests, you'll have plenty of room to do it in when it comes to that backyard. Also, be sure to notice the ceiling fans. Very nice.

Kelsi Swain w/ Fathom Realty
Kelsi Swain w/ Fathom Realty

All in all, while I can understand a home like this not being everyone's cup of tea, I think this is one of the more interesting homes I've seen in Amarillo. That's aside from the insane Airbnbs we have in town.

You can see photos of the house below....

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