We know that in order to lose weight we need to burn more calories than we eat. That is it! The secret to weight loss.

You can go to the gym. You can go for a run. Both of those will definitely help you with burning some major calories. Maybe you are looking for other more "non-grueling" ways to burn those calories. It is possible!

Well here they are. You can go for a leisurely walk. Head to Medi Park and take a walk! That will actually help you burn 230 calories in an hour, on average.

You can even go for a casual bike ride. Even if you don't go very fast. Going under 10 miles an hour will help you burn 328 calories in an hour.

See how easy this can be? Maybe you want to head to the Amarillo Civic Center after a Bulls game to do some ice skating. You will burn a whopping 574 calories an hour.

See losing weight and burning those calories can be fun!

Are you a golfer? Head over to your favorite local golf course because if you happen to carry your clubs you will end up burning 353 calories an hour.

Even bowling can be fun and worth the calorie burn! Take a weekend trip to Western Bowl and be on your way! Tossing that ball over and over will burn 246 calories in an hour.

So see. Pick a fun activity this weekend and be on your way to a healthier you in 2019!





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