Spring Break is a fun time kids look forward to each year.  They get a week off from school, but a lot of times, you don't get a week off work.  Luckily there are some fun activities that happen in Amarillo on Spring Break.  The Amarillo Zoo has a week full of fun!

Photo Courtesy: Amarillo Zoo
Photo Courtesy: Amarillo Zoo

If you are looking for the perfect Spring Break activity then the Amarillo Zoo is for you.  They offer daily activities where you can send your child to the zoo every day for Spring Break.

You kids will get to work with Zoo staff preparing meals for the animals, learning how to clean the exhibits and even learn more about the animals and why they be have the way they do.  No only that they will get behind-the-scenes access.

Monday, March 13th is all about the Slimy, Scaly, Creepy, Crawly

The kids will get up close with reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates and will get explore their habitats, what they eat and how they defend themselves

Tuesday, March 14th - Jaws and Claws

The kids will learn about predators and prey.  It includes learning about how lions hunt and take down big prey.  They will also learn how smaller animals avoid becoming food for bigger animals.

Wednesday, March 15th - Animal Play Day

You kids will learn about how animals have fun.  They will learn what they do to keep themselves busy and how they entertain themselves.

Thursday, March 16th - Zoo Chefs

The kids get to be come a chef and learn all about how to make a healthy balanced meal for the animals.  They will learn about what the animals eat and even get to help prepare a meal for some of the zoo animals.

Friday, March 17th - Texas WILDS

Learn all about the Great Plains animals that have a home at the zoo.

The Zoo Spring Break Camp is open to children ages 7-12

Cost is $150 for the week.

Extended care is available for and extra $25 for before or after or $50 for both.

Registration is required for the camps by March 10th at 5pm.  Only 15 spots are available so sign your kids up today.

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