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Alright so I took you back to my youth and shared my favorite songs from the 80's. The time of jams and swatch watches....back when Cabbage Patch kids lead to hysteria oh and don't forget those old metal lunchboxes we all had. Now it's time to move onto the 90's. These were the years that I graduated high school, college, got married and had my daughter Faith.

My song choices will range a lot here. I loved a lot of Alternative music when I went to college and was on FM 90. I loved some country, working for a station of that format, but a lot of the music I feel was based on my time that my daughter was growing up and stuff we collectively liked. Again feel free to judge me all you want.

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    Breakfast At Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something

    Every time I hear THIS song it takes me back to my days at FM90 and my days waiting tables at Gardski's. Yes this is a song that just screams the 90's.

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    Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind

    This has a number of reasons I like this song. Again a typical 90's song that we sang a lot in the Gardski's kitchen but more importantly for some reason my daughter loved THIS song. She had this cute little dance that she bobbed up and down to at the ripe ol' age of 2 years old.

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    I Think About You - Collin Raye

    When I worked in country music I was a really big fan of Collin Raye. Country music in the 90's was great. THIS song was out when my daughter, Faith was little and I always thought about her when I played it. One summer we visited my mom in Phoenix. We decided to drive halfway to meet my sister from San Diego. The halfway point we chose was Yuma, Arizona. When we drove in there was a tour bus. I joked that it would be funny if it was Collin Raye because I was listening to another song of his on repeat. Guess what? It turned out is was and I ran into him at the swimming pool. We told him about listening to him all the way to Yuma.....he gave us tickets to his show that evening. I also got to get a picture with me and Faith with him.

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    When I say ANY song by Everclear. I really mean it. They are for sure one of my all-time favorite bands. I have seen them several times in concert. I have been pulled on stage with them. Told Art how awesome he is. THIS CD has by far every single song I love. It's like all the songs that Art Alexakis writes is about my life. Seriously. From "Father of Mine", "Wonderful", yep even "Unemployed Boyfriend". I have visited "Santa Monica" many times because I love it because of their biggest hit song. Oh and don't forget "I Will Buy You A New Life". Really they all tell my life.

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    I Love You Always Forever - Donna Lewis

    THIS song was big on the radio when Faith was born. So I can't help but think of her still to this day when it come on Mix 94.1. I use to sing it to her all the time. Yeah, I know I am THAT mom. What can I say?

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    We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel

    Being in high school when THIS song came out it was fun to learn a little history. It was also a lot of fun to be able to go word for word with Billy Joel in this song.

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    No Myth - Michael Penn

    Another song that was out in early 90's. I was always that person who listened to the radio. I made mixed tapes for myself. I would listen to Rick Dees. I loved to learn all I could about artists and songs. I remember thinking when I heard this that "wow Sean Penn has a brother? Oh and he sings?" He does both. THIS is him.

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    Rock On - Michael Damian

    OK, this is my guilty pleasure 90's song. Not one friend of mine would believe my list if THIS song wasn't on it. I was a huge fan of Michael Damian. I mean when I was a junior at Canyon High I had won backstage passes to meet him at the Civic Center here in Amarillo. I loved me some Young and the Restless.....he played Danny Romalotti.....and then started a singing career. I have many of pictures of us backstage....even one of him planting one on my lips (remember I did say he was a soap opera actor). Ask me I will show you the picture some time.

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    What a Girl Wants - Christina Aguilera

    Early Christina Aguilera what could be better. THIS was just a fun song to sing to in the car. Yes, my daughter had good taste in music even at 3 years old.

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    Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews Band

    I'm going to end my list right HERE. Even though Dave Matthews won the fan vote for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame they didn't make it in this year. I loved this song too.

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