Woman rejecting more alcohol from wine bottle in bar
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We just got through another weekend. The new week is fresh and new. Maybe we went out with friends.

Maybe we hung out at the house. A lot of times alcohol ends up being part of the plans. If your plans included a few drinks you are not alone.

According to a new study, the amount of drinks we are having around the world is actually skyrocketing over the past few decades. The numbers just keep going up.

If we compared it to what we were drinking back in 1990 we are actually now drinking 70% more.

If you have a drink every single day guess what? You still are grouped with those of us average folks. We are roughly having one drink every single day. Now also know that there are a lot out there that don't drink at all. So it looks like we are making up for them too.

Just know that this trend is not going down to say the least. As we look ahead even in the next 10 years it is projected that about a quarter of adults will binge drink once a month.

It's been shown that having a glass of red wine every day is not horrible for you. Especially when we look at the heart health benefits. Even having beer has it's benefits. So it is not always a bad thing.



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