It happens. We just feel sad. Maybe you had a recent break-up. Maybe there was a death of someone you love. Regardless we are just sad.

What can we do? You don't want to turn to food. That seems to be what some people do....but then we just feel worse. So should we surround ourselves with upbeat songs that will make us happy? Is that an answer? Is that THE answer?

Apparently not. A new study had a bunch of depressed people listen to all types of music to see what would help them out the most. They actually preferred the sad songs over happy ones.

The end result is that listening to those sand songs when you are already sad actually make you smile more.....they make you happier.

It turns out that when you listen to happier music when you are sad it really just more or less annoys you. If you listen to a sad song it is kind of like a warm hug from a supportive friend. You get a moment to realize you are not alone.

So next time you have something that makes you sad try it out. Find the most depressing song you can and see if that helps you. Maybe having a great cry along with it is just what the doctor ordered.



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