Here we are, another school year, it's hard to believe that the 2018-2019 school year is here.  Our teachers spend countless hours going above and beyond for our children.  Teachers are the ones who help shape and mold our children into adults.   Teachers are such a vital and important part of our children's lives.  Let's face it, they don't get the recognition they deserve.  That's why we need your help in honoring those teachers who go above the call of the Teacher duty.  Those teachers who give and ask for nothing in return.

The Mix 94.1 Teacher of the Month has returned and each month we will honor a special teacher. Each month our chosen teacher will receive a special package delivered by the Mix 94.1 crew to their school. Each teacher will receive a Special Teacher of the Month plaque from Elite Engraving. We will also award them with a gift card to Pescaraz Italian Restaurant.  They we'll get a spa certificate for some pampering at Progress MD and will receive a variety of delicious cupcakes from The Ruffled Cup.

If you have a teacher or your child's teacher deserves special recognition then let us know why they are special.

Just fill out the form below Let us know their name, their school and their grade. Then tell us why this teacher deserves to have the honor of Teacher of the Month.

It doesn't matter what grade level, what school, we want to know about those outstanding teachers. It could be a public school teacher, private school teacher, a College or University professor. If they teach and they deserve special recognition, let us know. So what are you waiting for ask your kids if they want to nominate their teacher for Teacher of the Month.

Here's our honored Teachers from 2017-2018

2017-18 Teacher of the Month

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