We can always use the moisture. No matter what the form of it is. I would prefer the rain over the snow. That is because here in Amarillo it is hardly ever just snow. We usually  have the killer winds to go with it. Oh and more often than not we have the ice as well.

This season we started getting snow in October. We also got that dreaded ice storm that then we had the snow pack on top of it. We have already had school closings because of the weather. Folks who have lived here for any amount of time know that it takes an act of Congress to get Amarillo and Canyon schools to close. That has happened this current snow season.

So to say this has been a weird snow season is saying a lot. We finally hit the winter season the week of Christmas. So we had hopes of a white Christmas but that did not happen. So here we are in January and this past weekend we received our first winter snow. Oh and it was a pretty one.

We got snow here in the Texas Panhandle. Lubbock got snow this weekend too. Oh and my daughter has lived in Dallas for about two years now and this is the first snow she got since living there. I even saw some of my friends in Austin talking about the snow they got as well.

I saw this graphic from the US National Weather Service Amarillo on Facebook and this really put it into perspective:

credit: US National Weather Service Amarillo Facebook page
credit: US National Weather Service Amarillo Facebook page

We are ahead of the game when it comes to snowfall for the season. We are not sitting like my previous hometown of Chicago, IL, who are below their average. If we can keep getting the pretty non-ice, non-crazy winds snow like we did this weekend. I would definitely change my tune. I wouldn't mind the snow so much. I think it also helped that it was a weekend and I could just watch it from inside my home.

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