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You know when you see that movie and you think when it is over...."Wow, what did I just watch?" It was a movie that really surprised you that day but REALLY surprised you when you realized not many people have seen it.

These are those underrated movies.These are those that you probably haven't seen but you REALLY need to see them. Some really left a lasting impact. These are the ones that have stuck with me to this day. Most of these you can find on Amazon Prime. If not, it really is worth the purchase of the hard copy of the movie. You won't regret watching any of these.



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    The Life of David Gale

    I'm going to start with THIS one. I have seen it several times now and the whole movie gets me. I don't care what you think of Kevin Spacey this is a must see. David Gale is an opponent of the death penalty and he finds himself on death row. Isn't that strange? Well this whole movie will keep you on your toes as a reporter (played by Kate Winslet) has mere days to try to prove his innocence. Does he want to be proven innocent? Time will only tell. This movie will keep you guessing.

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    My daughter and I were discussing our favorite scary movies. She would list obvious horror movies and I mentioned THIS one. She asked why? I said it scared me to see how a 13 year old COULD act like this. How I wouldn't know how to act if she did. So this is another powerful movie especially if you have soon to be teenagers.

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    Arlington Road

    THIS movie stars Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins. Tim's character does a fantastic job of driving Jeff's crazy. Crazy enough to make him think a terrorist group planted a bomb and was going to kill many people (like Oklahoma City Bombing). That is where everything goes bad. Is it paranoia or is the town really in for a big event. This is another heart pounder.

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    THIS movie you will have to buy. It is not available on Amazon Prime but I remember seeing THIS in high school. To say it still is in my memory shows what kind of movie it is. SO it shows a bunch of kids in New York and lets just say it is scary how some of them act. It is very realistic and I think that is why it stuck with me. This movie could happen.

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    Alpha Dog

    THIS one is based on a true story so knowing THIS happened is bizarre. A drug dealer kidnaps a teenager because his older brother owes him money. He wants to teach him a lesson. We see these few days that this kid is with the group who is holding him. They say they are going to return him to his family. Does it happen? Or what? This movie has a stellar cast: Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Justin Timberlake to name a few. The ending is crazy. You need to see it and remember this is true.

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