New challenges bring new experiences. For years, I have watched from across the street, as Mix 94.1 participated in the Children's Miracle Network Mediathon. Now, I get to be part of it too!

There is nothing scarier than having your kids get sick, and you don't know why. My wife and I went through that feeling, not too many years ago. We went from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, all over Texas, to find out why we couldn't get our youngest well.

We feel very fortunate that we found an answer and that child, is now in the U.S. Marine Corp. I have the chance to start giving all that back. There are lots of phones being set up in our conference room. Lori Crofford told me this morning, that this is her 17th year. I tried to do some quick math, trying to put a number on all of the children, that she and Mix 94.1 has helped over that time. It is overwhelming.

At my office door this morning, I found my first CMN shirt, and I'm officially part of this now. I think we all agree that children, should enjoy being children, without life's complications. The families who love and care for them, should be filled with the joy of watching their children grow and achieve those milestones, we all want for them.

It's my first Children's Miracle Network experience and it certainly won't be my last. I wish for parents and their kids, to find answers, get the treatment they need, and go about being a kid. It's my turn to give back, to the all the doctors, nurses, hospitals, and volunteers who were there for us.

Let's "miracle up!" please help and donate today. Click the link below to donate.


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