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Heads up. There's a new scam in town. This time, it's somewhat convincing.

The way it works is that you'll get a phone call from the Potter County Sheriff's Office saying that you owe a fine for not showing up for Grand Jury. They even use the names of people who actually work for the office.

They've even spoofed the number for the office according to reports.

As is usually the case, the Sheriff's Office won't call you for not showing up for Grand Jury duty. Also, they won't take money or cash from you.

Unless you're bonding out of jail.

If you get a random phone call from someone demanding money from you, it's perfectly alright for you to hang up and then call the office back yourself to ask about the call you just received.. This is one of the easiest ways to fight against phone scams.

There have been a lot of new scams in the last year. Several headlines have been written about scams targeting "stimulus checks." The holidays always bring about a lot of new scams.

Be protective of your personal information. Be even more protective of your money. If it seems suspicious, there is nothing wrong with asking questions.

Usually, a scammer will not be very accommodating when it comes to your "inquiries."

The wildest part of this to me is actually using employees' names and spoofing the office phone number. Scams are always evolving, and scammers are always improving their efforts to separate you from your hard earned money.

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