This past June, I heard the news that Amarillo was getting a new discount store and I can't tell you how excited I've been about this. I mean, saving money is what it is all about.

I like shopping at places like Big Lots, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree; so, this new addition to Amarillo's mix of discount stores is a good move for this town. It'll be pretty interesting to see how Ollie's Bargain Outlet can spice things up for us budget-savvy shoppers. I wonder how the other stores will handle this new piece of competition. I mean, if they already sell things for cheap, how much cheaper would they actually be able to go in a price war? Hmmmm....

Well, maybe we'll find out the answer to that question once Ollie's opens. I have been receiving more and more alerts and emails about their upcoming sales so I went 'a-ha! It must be close to their grand opening, finally!'.

Ollie's Bargain Outlet
Credit Coldwell Banker Commercial

They will be opening up Wednesday, March 3rd. I haven't been inside an Ollie's before (yet) but the location is right across the street from our Townsquare Radio station so I have been watching the store take shape.

I wonder how it will be different from the other bargain places-- and maybe how they may be alike. I'll just have to shop around at each one of them and document my experience at each one.

Honestly? I am just tickled pink that with the opening of Ollie's, Amarillo now has a wide range of places for me to scour for good deals!

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