As if this week has not already been one for the books. A book that we all just want to go ahead and return, throw in the garbage, or even burn. I am not a book burner but that is how this week has been.

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First, we had to go back to regular life. A lot of us had time off the past couple weeks. That abruptly came to an end when the holidays ended. Sad day. So a whole week of work. Then we had the crazy day we had on Wednesday with everything happening at the Capitol.

We stood and watched everything in disbelief. Regardless of your political views there is no way to actually just make sense of everything we were watching on TV and social media. I have seen more fights than I care to admit. So that has been enough.

Well the week is not over. Here we are now with another round of winter weather. I know we need the moisture. I am not against that. I am just not a fan of snow. That is what we may be seeing entering the Panhandle Saturday evening into Sunday.

According to our weather partners at KVII News Channel 7 we could see around 2 -3 inches here in Amarillo. The higher totals will be to the west and southwest. Now of course that could change depending on how it actually ends up moving in tomorrow. It could make travel on Sunday morning a bit slower as you are getting up and ready to head to church. If you park outside be prepared to scrape your windows.

Even though we have had our fair share of snow early in the season we have to remember it is actually winter now. We have a couple months that we will probably see more snow. This is just our first round in 2021. Just be ready to see some moisture this weekend.

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