I felt like I was living an Alfred Hitchcock movie...instead of birds flying and attacking me, though, it was moths. Moths?  What else can 2020 throw at us? I really don't want to know. We started with Covid-19, Then we found out about the killer hornets. That was nice. Then Amarillo got hit with moths.

I wondered if I was alone. Oh, but I was not. I started scrolling through Facebook and it seems some of my friends have been witnessing the same craziness.

My friend John posted:

Anyone else in Amarillo dealing with more moths (like plague level) than usual this time of year? It might be the next chapter in the coronavirus saga

There were tons of people commenting that yes, they too, are being bombarded.

Then this morning I woke up and saw this post from my friend, Monday:

What the hell with these MOTHS??? Tell me my house is not the only one being overrun....

No, girl yours is not. I have seen many joke about this being the next level of Jumanji. Who knew we would be living that movie? I should have heeded everyone else's warning. Yes, I have had the occasional moth in my house. I would have to be careful opening up the back door when my dog needed to go outside. One or two would come in. Nothing readied me for this morning.

Apparently my front screen door did not latch all the way. So as I left at 5 am nonetheless.....I got hit in every direction. In between my glassed in screen door and my interior door there were hundreds maybe even thousands of moths. They burrowed themselves into every nook and cranny. It was unbelievable. Me opening the door woke the giant. They all swarmed towards me. They are not scary painful but they are annoying and will hit you in the head......in the eye.....they don't care.

These were the photos I could get while I was not personally getting attacked. Again, at 5 am.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Getty Images
credit: Getty Images

I am ready for this madness to be over. If you have a ton in your house that your cat has not attacked....yeah mine has no interest. You can try this:

Oh my gosh! They are SO bad at my house!
Get a bowl and fill with water and dawn soap. Sit by a light at night and the dumb little things will drown! It’s amazing! Lol

We have been able to get through everything else. So we got this too. Again we are definitely all in this together. Just bring on some rain. We are in much need of that and so are the moths. As soon as we get a good downpour these crazy moths will be gone too.



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