National award winning Palace Coffee Company founded in Canyon, Texas is getting bigger and better.  They have some big plans in their future and they need your help.

Palace Coffee Company will soon begin renovating their downtown location.  It's one of the hottest spots on Polk Street with some amazing coffee.  They are starting this renovation to add a roastery to their space.

They will remain open during the renovations but they are making some big changes.

Palace Coffee Company has started a Kickstarter Campaign and are looking for some backers for all the big changes coming to the company.

They currently have a goal of $20,000 and are hoping to raise that in 30 days.

They are 16 days in are almost halfway to their goal.

Kickstarter is a sight that allows businesses to raise funds while giving rewards to their backers.

So if you are interested in being a part of the Palace Coffee Company and helping with their Kickstarter campaign here's more info:

This is an all or nothing campaign.  If the $20,000 isn't reached by May 5th at 9:59am, then none of the backers will be charged.

Looks like coffee in Amarillo just keeps getting better!

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