The people of Amarillo will no longer be able to use their cell phone in their vehicle.  Not only cell phones but all handheld devices.  You will only be able to use your phone if you have a hands free device.


The Amarillo City Commission passed the ban yesterday in a 4-1 vote with Commissioner Jim Simms being the only one to vote against the ban.  Those who violate the ordinance will face up to a $200 fine.  However, if you are cited for using a cell phone it will not affect your insurance or driving record.  It will work like the red light cameras.  If you do not pay your fine you cannot get things like tags for your vehicle.

It is likely the ban will take effect in 30-60 days.   Look to see signs going up all over Amarillo.

So if you plan on using your cell phone in your car then you will need to purchase a hands free device.

With all that said it looks as if steps have already been taken to repeal the city ban and send the decision to the voters of Amarillo.

Rev. Robert D Taliaferro has started an online petition to remove the cell phone ban.



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