I was meeting some friends at Red River Steakhouse for a birthday lunch the other day. Now I have had steak there before! It's great!

I have had their Chicken Fried Steak too. I have been told it is the best in town. I don't disagree.

I wanted to try something different from what I usually get. I am glad I did! I asked their manager, Joshua, about their Smoked Green Chili Pulled Pork Sandwich. I love everything about green chili's. He told me that it has a great flavor. Oh, and it did.

That is what I decided to get as everyone else ordered the Chicken Fried Steak. I knew they were in for a treat too.

We started off with their fried pickles and ooh were they tasty We had some great conversation to catch up with the birthday boy and then there it was.......our lunch.

Joshua was right....the smoked green chili pulled pork sandwich did in fact have a great flavor to it. The green chili's were not spicy at all. I can handle them either way....but they did have a great flavor.....oh and the brown gravy with it as well was delicious. The meat was SO tender.

The meat, gravy and chili's were piled on a piece of Texas Toast and was just perfect paired with a TON of french fries. This meal is definitely something I will try again.

I just love adding a new meal to my regular rotation at a restaurant. This has been a great experiment for me......trying new foods has been great for me. You should try some of them too. I have tried a lot in the past month.

I want to keep it going. Do you have any suggestions of what I should try next? Comment below.....

Red River Steakhouse is located on 45th (4332 SW 45th) near Sonic and Rosa's. Go by and have lunch or dinner sometime soon!

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