I was talking with someone the other day about some of the interesting products we had in the 90's and we had a good laugh. Check out my top 5 list of some of the interesting products I remember from the 90's.


Hypercolor T-Shirts


I mentioned the Hypercolor t-shirt to someone who was clearly 10 years or more younger than I am the other day and all I got was a deer in the headlights look. It made me feel old, but at the same time, it was an exciting memory.

The Hypercolor t-shirt was pretty cool,  it had a a plain look to it but when you would touch it, it would turn an entirely different color.

People would get a kick of coming and patting you on the back because they would leave their hand print on your shirt.

Even though this shirt was technically released in 1988 it had its heyday in the 90's.


Orbitz Drink


This was a drink from the mid-90's, 1996, I believe. It was a carbonated drink that contained these little tiny balls that would float in it.

I'll admit the idea was kind cool, but the drink itself didn't taste very good, it was the novelty of the product. It always made me feel like I was drinking a lava lamp.

You can still get bottles of Orbitz on eBay.  However, I wouldn't suggest drinking it.


Tamagotchi Electronic Pet


I never actually had one of these but I remember my friends going crazy over these things.

I understand the idea, you activate the thing, and you have to play with it, feed it, bathe it and do all sorts of things with your pet in order to keep it alive.

I didn't feel the need for one of these things because I had animals I fed, bathed and played with and never had one die on me, unless it was from old age.

If you are feeling a little bit of nostalgia and would love to have an electronic pet you can pick them up on Amazon.




Ah yes, the scrunchie. The big bulky hair tie that you would use to put your hair back into a ponytail. I mean seriously, why put a bow in your hair when you could have a big giant scrunchie.

Very cool in the 90's, not so much anymore.

Remember the episode of Sex in the City when Carried made fun of Burger because his female character in his book wore a scrunchie.


Nickolodeon Gak


Gak was a substance that Nickoleodeon released onto the market in 1992. It was a slimy elasticy substance that you would play with.

Most of the boys I knew loved to make "farting" sounds with it.

There is a facebook page dedicated to Gak.

Can't live without Gak?  I found a recipe on Pinterest for Gak.

OK So after finding recipes to make Gak I ran across a website and apparently, Gak is back?


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