There was something about being a kid or a teenager in the 90s.  They has some awesome products.  We had some really great food products.  However, some of those products went by the wayside, but they really need to come back to stores.   A few of the products from that era are coming back like Surge, French Toast Crunch and Crispy M&Ms.  I just wish they would bring more back.  So here's my top 10 food products from the 90s I want to see back on shelves.

1. Hi-C Ecto Cooler

This was one of my very favorite things form the 90s.  I loved this flavor of Hi-C.  Loved it and when they took it away I was devastated.  I loved my Slimer juice.

2. Dunkaroos

C'mon who didn't love a kangaroo telling you to dunk your cookie into some sweet goo!

3.  Frutopia

I loved to drink this stuff it was delicious.  My favorite flavor was Fruit Integration.

4. Lifesaver Holes

They need to bring these back.  I mean seriously there must be an excess of holes leftover from Lifesavers.  Are they just throwing them in the trash?  That needs to stop right now and they need to put them back in the plastic tube package and sell them again

5. Heinz Easy Squirt Ketchup

Who didn't love squirting purple ketchup all over their burgers, hot dogs and fries.  I had a friend who would squirt the purple ketchup all over their eggs.

6. Oreo O's

Who needed to dunk Oreos when you could just grab the cereal and eat a whole bowl of delicious Oreo goodness.

7. PB Max

Yes, I know that Reese's Peanut Butter cups will reign supreme, but PB Max was great.

8.  Wonderball

It's was a ball of hollow chocolate filled with candy.  Who didn't love this?  Break it open and enjoy!

9. Butterfinger BB's

Let's face it sometimes you just didn't want a big huge bar of Butterfinger.  You wanted tiny little Butterfinger balls that would melt all up in your hand so that you could lick the chocolate off your hands. (Yeah, maybe there was a reason these don't exist anymore).

10. Keebler Magic Middles

It was as if they had melted a Hershey's Kiss into a shortbread cookie.  So delicous


WWF Ice Cream Bars

These were loved by many boy in my friend circle.  I laughed when I saw this so I had to include it.

So what's your favorite food from the 90s that you wish would come back?

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