One of my favorite fast food meals.

I love Whataburger. When I lived in western Oklahoma, I would drive 45 miles, two directions, just to get a triple-patty-heart-attack-in-a-bag. Wash it down with sweet tea, and wash the sweet tea down with a large fry. That's still one of my favorite fast food meals.

I had my hopes up with the breakfast sandwich. I really need something other than dollar menu biscuits to get my day going.

The Whataburger "Breakfast Burger"

So the burger itself is a beef patty, some slices of bacon, an egg, creamy pepper sauce, slice of American cheese, and hashbrowns. You take all of that, and put it on a bun. Now, you have "The Breakfast Burger."

Charlie Hardin

Surprisingly enough, Chicago hasn't completely ruined Whataburger. The Breakfast Burger was actually pretty good. The sauce is what really made it work.

The hashbrowns on the burger worked well with everything else on it. And I have to hand it to Whataburger. Thank you for not putting tater-tots in my bag and calling them hashbrowns.

If you dig breakfast burgers (they're nothing new), then give this one from Whataburger a try. If you dig Whataburger, you'll like the Breakfast Burger.

It is only available from 11pm - 11am, for a limited time.

Charlie Hardin