Oh my gosh, has the world just gone completely crazy.  How can a gingerbread man be construed as racist.  It's a COOKIE and a character.  Even though this didn't happen in the U.S. it quite possibly could have been a school in this country.

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A school in Laxa, Sweeden has banned Gingerbread Men, because they might be considered racist.

School children at a local school were told that they could not dress up as Gingerbread men for the St. Lucia Celebration.

Children traditionally dress as St. Lucia, gnomes or gingerbread men for the festivities.

According to the Daily Mail, Jenny Simic the mother of one of the students said:

'I thought he had to have got it wrong so I called the school and they said people might find a brown gingerbread character offensive.  She received the response: 'I know what you think and what you're writing. Unfortunately we have no gingerbread men or songs in our procession! We cannot offer gingerbread cookies because of allergies among pupils.'

I seriously cannot wrap my brain around this, a gingerbread man racist?  What is it racist towards?  Red heads?  Sometimes I just don't understand how this world can take something as innocent as a cookie or a character and turn it into something bad.

This is about as ridiculous as the school in Portland claiming that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were racist.


For the entire article on the Daily Mail CLICK HERE.

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