I don't really remember a time in my life that I couldn't swim. Oh, wait yes I can. It was that moment when I was about four years old and I was on a house boat with my family. I was jumping from side to side over the stairwell. My next memory was falling in. I didn't know how to swim. I remember gasping for air as my brother's rushed to get family to help.

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I then remember being pulled out of the water and being spanked. Back then kids we were spanked. I scared my family. I was jumping when I shouldn't. I also wasn't being watched. It wasn't long after that I took swim lessons. I tell that story because you know what? It is easy for a kid to get away unnoticed and fall in the water. If they are not equipped with the skills to swim it could turn out bad. Hey, I could have not been here to give that warning.

So teaching kids water safety is important. You will have a chance to sign your kiddos up for lessons at the Canyon Aqua Park this summer. I highly recommend making sure they learn.

According to their Facebook post:

We're excited to host swim lessons this year! Swim lessons will go on sale Wednesday, May 12th at noon.

NEW! for 2021: Lessons will now be booked by household with discounts for siblings!

Private swim lessons will from Monday – Thursday with two-time options. Lessons will be held by household groups, so up to four children of the same household can book in the same time block, regardless of swim level.

Swim instructors will be assigned to your household the first day of lessons based on the experience level of the swimmers. Due to this year’s swim lesson format, we will not be offering group lessons or any lessons to children under 5 years old.

Canyon Aqua Park is located at 1900 12th Avenue in Canyon. This is a good opportunity. Get more information HERE. These lessons will go on sale starting on May 12th. So swimmers get ready, take your mark, go!

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