We all need to go to the grocery store during this outbreak. I try to limit to just one trip per week. Sometimes I go less than that. Since my trip from Dallas I haven't gone so I am SO due.

This morning I ventured out to Market Street to get some much needed healthier options to have around to eat. Just because we are locked in doesn't mean that we can throw caution to the wind and buy all the chips and ice cream we can stand. At least I know I can't.

So I wanted to make my options somewhat healthy and with some food left over to eat through this entire week.

I started with a roast so that I could cook it while I was sitting here working away at my kitchen table for the day. The only bad thing is my house is going to smell wonderful for hours before I can eat it.

Of course with Easter this weekend I also bought a ham. Both of these meals will leave me plenty left over to make all other dishes for dinner.

Who can go wrong with a bag of chicken breasts. Oh, the meals I can make with that. I also grabbed a few heat and go kind of meals. They are all healthy as well. With so many varieties.

Of course I need snacks and if I have anything unhealthy I will just eat them. So I opted for olives, I love them. To satisfy my need for a crunchy snack instead of chips I went with Melba Toast.

So even through this time of staying at home I can still pick a few healthier items. It sure makes it easier for me as I get hungry. I have healthy meals and snacks for the week.

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