What Do You Eat on Your Allsup's Burritos?
I was having a conversation the other day about Allsup's Burritos.  If you grew up in the surrounding Amarillo area (Amarillo doesn't have Allsup's, which makes me sad), then you probably grew up on the deliciousness of the Allsup's Burrito (and the chimi, but today we are f…
So Apparently Sushi Burritos are A Thing
I love sushi.  It makes me happy.  It has to be one of my favorite things to eat.  So when I saw this, I must admit, I got a bit excited.  Someone took the idea of a burrito and meshed it with sushi.  Yes, Sushi Burritos now exist.
Best Breakfast Burritos in Amarillo – Lori’s Top 5
As you may or may not know, I grew up in Hereford.  That's where my love for breakfast burritos started.  We had this little hut (and I mean little), that was called Juanita's Express Burritos.  That is where the best burritos were made day after day.  They had the best burritos hands down, breakfas…