With Thanksgiving a little over two weeks from now we already know most of that day will be spent in a coma. Right? I mean if you do it right you will!

There has been a new study that tells us how many days we actually spend in a food coma.

When you end up eating as much food as we tend to we will waste a lot of time lying around and letting that food digest. Hence the food coma.

We spend an average of 213 hours a year in this food coma. That is an entire nine days.Just think about this...it takes an average of one hour and 22 minutes after we eat to feel sharp and be able to really do anything. That time really starts to add up when you think most people have about two or three of those types of meals every week.

Besides, of course, Thanksgiving here are some of the most common foods that put us in a food coma: burgers, mashed potatoes, pizza, burritos, fries, hot dogs, tacos, cheese and potato chips. All those great foods we love to consume.

So feel free to enjoy your food coma coming up in a couple weeks.....but know you have many more days to spend moaning and digesting all those foods we love.


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