Review: My First Cleanse From Clean Juice in Amarillo
I have been thinking about this for awhile. I was going to do it. I needed to. I wanted to see how I would do. I am talking about a juice cleanse from Clean Juice in Amarillo. They had their Grand Opening Celebration over the weekend and we got to be out for it. So it was the perfect chance to take …
Review: Yolo's Breakfast Burritos
I hung out at Yolo's a week ago to watch Raina Haung rip apart Yolo's breakfast challenge. There was so much food there and she made it seem like nothing. The only thing trying to keep her down was the downpour we experienced last weekend.
Chuy's in Amarillo is Finally Opening; a Review
I think this has been one of the most anticipated restaurant openings here in Amarillo. We got wind of the fact we were getting a Chuy's in Amarillo. Oh and then Covid hit. So with that, of course, there was a delay. Some of us worried that it might not happen at all.
Review: Walk*On's In Amarillo - Open Today!
So I must say I must be living right. Not only did I get to go try out Walk-On's during their "soft opening" for lunch on Thursday with the on-air staff at Townsquare Media.....I also got to go back for dinner the next night with my daughter and a friend.

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