It seems like a dream come true. A night to yourself. Or even a couple of hours. How about a date night? Dare to dream. What is the hardest part about that? Finding sitters that you can rely on.

Do You Have a Reliable Sitter?

I know I always had a hard time finding good and reliable people that were also fun for the kids. I would have so taken advantage of an opportunity like this. A Parent's Night Out. How does that sound?

I find that if my kiddo had the chance to hang out with a bunch of college students they would jump at the chance. Oh, and let's be honest you know you would too. A little bit of coolness factor for you finding cool sitters.

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So this Friday is that opportunity. Escape for a Happy Hour. Escape for a date night. You won't have to worry about the kiddos. They will be having fun. They may even be disappointed when you come to pick them up and their evening is over.

You Deserve a Break and Also Help These Students

Students at the WT Wesley Foundation are currently raising funds for a mission trip, and we are hosting this event at our FirstMethodist.Church Amarillo Campus!
The funds received will go towards meeting our goal. We would love for you to have a night out, or maybe just a couple of hours of rest as we take care of your kiddos.
RSVP: OR scan the QR code at the bottom to fill out the form
credit: First Methodist Church Amarillo Campus
credit: First Methodist Church Amarillo Campus

If you are stuck at home on Friday night you have nobody to blame but yourself. Get out and about and more importantly don't break the bank looking for a sitter.

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