Today is National Enchiladas Day and it is also Cinco De Mayo.  So in honor of this glorious day of deliciousness and celebration here are some of the best places in Amarillo to get enchiladas.

Enchiladas are these little pieces of heaven.  A flour or corn tortilla filled with many different ingredients and topped with many amazing sauces.  There are so many different versions of enchiladas that you could eat them every single day and never get bored.

The enchiladas featured here are their flat enchiladas topped with eggs.  Yum!


El Bracero Enchiladas
Yelp via David A

It's time to let your mouth water.    Don't these look delicious.  These are the Enchiladas Rojas O Verdes.

El Manatial Enchiladas
Yelp via Jeremy S

These look absolutely delicious.  I'm sure they are, I haven't had an opportunity to try them yet.  However, their Barbacoa Burrito is to die for!

El Tejevan enchiladas
Yelp via Adriana M.

I am a sucker for a good sour cream sauce.  These are their cheese enchiladas with sour cream sauce.  However, the chicken is amazing as well.

Tacos Garcia Enchiladas
Yelp via Elesaio M.

This is their California Plate - spinach enchilada and avocado enchilada topped with fried eggs.

Jorge's enchiladas
Yelp via David A.

This is their enchilada plate.  However a taco snuck onto the plate.

La Campana enchiladas
Yelp via Casey c

This is the beef enchilada plate in which avocado was added to the top.  Amazing!!! This place is just awesome and I don't eat there entirely enough, however, when I do it is their enchiladas all the way. Delicious and authentic!

La Frontera Enchiladas
Yelp via Ty F

This picture doesn't do the enchiladas at the Plaza justice, but they have some of the best in town.

The Plaza Enchiladas
Yelp via Casey C

So where in Amarillo do you go to get your enchilada fix? Where will you be heading out to tonight to enjoy Cinco De Mayo and National Enchilada Day?

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