So the On The Border location has been empty for a while. You know that leads to a lot of speculations.

Will it be a Jack in the Box? Or maybe a Cheesecake Factory.

There is a lot of empty space. Can be a number of things. If you are in the group "Amarillo Texas Restaurant Reviews" on Facebook you would have seen the debate this past weekend.

Whether you love hotdogs, wings or burgers. So many options as to what could be going into that space.

What I saw in that group on Facebook could be good news for us Texans.

That particular On The Border location will be turned into a Whataburger! Or maybe a Twin Peaks. Both have been mentioned. Then there was the debate that it couldn't be a Twin Peaks, even though it has been confirmed it's move to Amarillo. There was just much debate that this location was too close to Hooters. So it would not be going into that location.


So Whataburger is still in the running. They would, of course, tear down the On The Border if it, in fact, is a Whataburger.

What is more Texan than being able to get a taquito at any time of the night? Oh or a Whataburger with cheese? This is a good day! I will be more excited if it, in fact, turns out to be a Whataburger over a Twin Peaks.

So keep it tuned right here for an opening date of whichever turns out to go in that location! This is exciting! I know this is no way close to my house! It is, though, a deal close to my heart! if it is a Whataburger


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